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Panama Canal

Energizing the Panama Canal to take on double the traffic and even larger container ships.

Nearly 100 years ago, the Panama Canal revolutionized world trade. Today, with new markets emerging and trade rapidly increasing, it’s time for a second revolution.

The Panama Canal Expansion Program is a tremendous undertaking. It’s also the opportunity to look beyond and realize the potential of a whole new world of commerce. Managing and controlling the power for wider, deeper canals to accommodate the vast container ships out of Asia. Powering up an extra lane with newly engineered locks to double the traffic capacity.

It is another singular feat of human engineering with no margin for error. And it inspired, in us, equally innovative power management solutions and unexpected benefits.

Our comprehensive integrated solution goes beyond reliability. Eaton arc resistant switchgear and FlashGard motor control centers will provide a never-before-realized level of safety for operation. The market-proven performance of our products also gives the Panama Canal Authority the no-fail confidence the project demands.

In Eaton, the Authority enjoys a roll-up-the-sleeves partner who collaborates and can support the entire project. From design right down to on-site start-up and commissioning support. The Panama Canal has spared over 900,000 ships a trip around a continent. With Eaton expertise, it will be well-equipped to take on a million more.

FlashGard MCC
The FlashGard Motor Control Centers (MCCs) incorporate industry-leading technology to enhance personnel safety and protect equipment from the dangers of arc flash. Eaton's innovative arc-preventative design emphasizes prevention, insulation and isolation to support safety during maintenance operations. The FlashGard MCC is designed for three-phase, 230V applications up to 300 hp, or three-phase, 480V applications up to 600 hp.