Vynckier Enclosure Systems, Inc.

Vynckier Reduces Costs by Almost 30 Percent with the Eaton DS6 Soft Start Controller Solution

“We recognized the value of the DS6 including the optimized eature set, cost competitive price, compact size and the fact that it is a soft start controller instead of a soft starter.”

Providing durable, costeffective, non-metallic enclosures has been the core of Vynckier Enclosure Systems, Inc. for almost 100 years. After a customer required an enclosed pump control solution for 30-175 horsepower motors, Vynckier needed a solution to minimize system wear and tear on pump controls for the customer’s requirements. Since the Eaton DS6 soft start controller reduced shock to mechanical components at a competivie price, it surpassed the customer’s requirements.

Vynckier’s General Manager George King explains, “We recognized the value of the DS6 including the optimized feature set, cost competitive price, compact size, and the fact that it is a soft starter controller instead of a soft starter. Since the DS6 does not have the overload built-in, it would also require fewer soft start part numbers. We could use the Eaton Motor Protection Circuit Breaker (MPCB) to set the required overload—enabling our customer to stock a smaller number and variety of products.”

The Eaton DS6 soft start solution enabled the customer to use only one enclosure size for a range of horsepower motors reducing assembly cost and stocking requirements almost 30 percent. If Vynckier used another solution, it would have had to change enclosure sizes, which would have added to the manufacturing costs.

King reports, “The Eaton team also earned our confidence, because they demonstrated a high level of product knowledge, application expertise and an exceptional commitment to customer service. As a result of the DS6 solution, our customer has expanded its pump control offering that provides a reliable, cost-effective soft start solution that significantly enhances motor life and reduces maintenance costs.”

The Eaton DS6 Soft Start Controller.
The Eaton DS6 soft start controller provides a compact design and high functionality for soft starting applications. Designed to control the acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors, the DS6 lowers in-rush current resulting in less stress on electrical components and maximizing the system life. The DS6 soft start controller reduces slippage, squealing and stretching, leading to an extended belt life of two to six times that of a traditional across the line starter, which means reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.